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Hey, im thinking about a hawk.
some things on the mind....

1). not sure if im ready for the jump
2) when you got one, how did you style it when its not up?
3) what are guys opinions on them?


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1) I had a high undershave for ages, so switching to a mohawk wasnt really that much of a big deal for me.
2)I just clip the front part back and have the back down loose
3)My boyfriend loves it :]
as im sure most guys on here will agree girls wiht 'hawks are fuckin beautiful
that is true, i definitely agree
1. you'd never regret it, but it'll grow back, it's only hair, i toyed with the idea of it for years, but i'm only 16 but i love it
2. mines short anyway but it's a chelsea and i do the fringe in victory rolls and the back can either be in a ponytail or pinned up, i've started wearing a gangsta bandana rolled up as a head band, it's cool and keeps the side bits warm
3. the guys i know love it, they love touching it ( slightly pervertedly too) and it's the best if the stroke the shaven bits (it's sooo nice)
Girls with a mohawk?
HA, instant worship
Thats my one weakness, I'm sure you'd look fine with it
i love girls with hawks
Me too!
If you like the hawk on others the jump will be simple, when it's not up I usually just push it off to the side, soon i'll have it long enough to where I can put it into a pony tail which I am looking forward to :) as for my opinion on girls with hawks, it's very attractive, if only I could find me a hawk girl :"( haha.
Maybe we should set up a MohawksRock dating service =P.


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