Mohawks Rock

Hey, im thinking about a hawk.
some things on the mind....

1). not sure if im ready for the jump
2) when you got one, how did you style it when its not up?
3) what are guys opinions on them?


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The jump can be a little difficult and I understand how you feel, I wasn't sure either for a while. Remember, if you don't like it, it's hair, it will grow back. But, you don't have to worry to much about the whole styling issue. I wasn't able to give myself a full head shaved mohawk, now, some would say that if the sides are shaved, or at least buzzed, it doesn't count as a mohawk, I would politely disagree, as long as the middle is significantly longer, and done up, it's a mohawk. (in my book). Like I said, I couldn't shave my head because I had a play I had to do, however I'm kinda glad I didn't, because I can still do a perfectly respectable mohawk, but I have enough hair on the sides to do other things with it when I don't feel like styling it. In my personal opinion, I LOVE girls with mohawks, I think they're incredibly hot, and even kinda sexy. And most girls can rock them really well, and you'll find there are quite a few guys who find mohawks attractive. Not to mention, if a guy doesn't like you because of a haircut, he's not even worth your time.
1) i was scared too, i had gotten my hair cut 2 times in the same month i got my mohawk, so my mohawk was only a few inches... and when the lady started shaving the sides i was suddenly okay with it, it's fun...
2) straighten it (make sure u have bangs too when u get it) then just do the southern thing and make a little bump with ur hair and a few bobby pins, or just braid it (depending on the length) it looks fine
3) all of my friends love it, and i have all sorts of friends, the guys def. think its hot (punk or not) i mean i have yet to get a bad remark
do it honey get one. i love when someone is pulling my hawk during the ol in out and i love when people rub the side of my head.. most guys like em they usually just dont like the confidence a girl has to have to carry
hell i like em, any one cool like me would too =;)
Girls with mohawks = Very beautifu
1. Do it, or don't. It's just hair, why is it so important?
2. Just let it fall to the side, sometimes I'll braid it back or put it in a ponytail
3. My boy likes it, and I've met alot of guys that do. If they don't, it doesn't really matter.
Make certain you’re ready. It’s nice to do something different, though do it if you’re comfortable with it. I as a guy, didn’t mind where it hung when down, though my hair is thin, but dense. I appeared just like a fellow with long hair. I think it’s hot when a chick has a nice tall hawk & usually colorful with one or two colors, but not rainbow like.
i have had a mohawk for a while now and have found that most guys give me credit for being brave enough to do it, especially because of how the media is with women. it feels so much nicer than getting up in the morning and having to look at all that hair on your head, and it's just really fun to find different ways of styling it. when mine is not up, i just let it sit there, i dont try to do anything with it's still pretty easy to tell what hair style i have because my sides are so short, so there is no point in me doing much with it.

i say you do it, the world needs more girls with hawks!
got that right, I have yet to see a single girl in real life with a hawk.
Same here, I know like one other girl with a hawk but she has a boyfriend. She is also my twin(not really), we both have the same haircut, same height, but she has blonde hair and I have black. So I am her evil counterpart heh.
1) i used to be able to sit on my hair so i donated it but the stylest muffed up my hair so when i got home my mom just gave me a hawk since i had the sudden urge to get one.
2)i useually just leave it to one side or throw it in a pony. sometimes ill part it down the middle and throw on a hat or it it sits good like in my current pic ill just leave it like that.
3)i guess it all just depends on the type lol by fiance loves it, past bfs have loved it and all my guy friends love it lol.


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