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alright me and a few freinds are having a huge situation about the different ways to wear your hawk. some say that its not right to have a hawk and never put it up and then some say its fine to always leave it down ( like me, i never put it up). so i want everyones input on this. Also whats everyones favorite style, i mean like liberty spikes,fanned,down,messy,pulled back, french braid, ect.

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i have a 2inch fanned hawk. couldnt be dealing with a longer one, as going to college and and dragging a 2 year old everywhere with me i just dont have the time to piss about with it!! as much as id love to! Im a hairdresser, so any hairstyle goes really.

btw, lovin everyones hair. Xx Syd xX
i have a chelsea hawk, i have a fringe and side bits, and a 4.5 inch mohican (at most), i only fan it at the minute, i don't think it's long enough to put iinto liberty spikes...that reminds me, i need to re-clip the sides
mostly i wear mix of liberty and fanned..but sometimes, when i'm in some screwed up good mood i put up a double hawk...kinda split the one i have in two and make it a it looks like ship or a boat sailing on my head...the front being one single yeah...and on the back i have a single hawk...i.e. if u look at my head from a top, u'll see a "Y"...
I only wear mine up on the weekends. I like the liberty spikes b/c everyone else around here with a mohawk does it fanned. I'm one of the only ones I've seen with the spikes.
yay for spikes! i love liberty spikes they are so much easier to put up, and when you have the spikes really even then it looks awesome
When I wear it up I like it fanned out, but when i wake up late or when I'm going somewhere where it would not be a good idea such as work or meetings for certain clubs, I put it in a ponytail.
To tell you the honest truth, I've never done liberty spikes, as my hair is really um.. voluminous. And I don't want to take the time to separate the spikes out so a fan is easier. I really should try it some time huh?
Still trying to think of a cool way to wear it down, as with it dry and nothing in it my girlfriend dubbed it the poof-hawk.
spikes are easier no question
Hee, 'poof-hawk', when mines really short it does that and looks _awful_
so I wear a lot of hats.
pooffy is fun
I feel bad for not putting my Hawk up anymore(I always went for the fan), with the back shaved off nobody can even tell that's what my hair actually is but I couldn't stand the mullet look of the longer hair when it was down. I love the boys with curly hair coming out of the back of their caps but with my straight, fine hair it just didn't look good. Obv. the solution is to suck it up and invest in the hairspray- blow dry- glue- back combing process but I is teh lazy and cheap, although I really love the uber-messy, defying-gravity 'Hawks I've seen around here a few times and that prolly does require lots of 'product'.
For now my excuse is that I'm letting it grow out fully so I can do a proper bi-hawk, Muah.

oh! also, one problem with the -comb to the side- solution with my blond hair is if it's slicked down too much from hat hair or wtv then I feel like hilter youth which... not at all the association I wanna evoke ever.
lol i know where your coming from on that one, i wear mine off the side most the time because its really to short to do much else and yea winter in illinios is a bitch and a half on the shaved heads


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