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Anyone's costume incorporating their hair? Last night a party I ended up at was a costume party, I grabbed a rope, a sheet, and a flashlight and became the statue of liberty :P

Photos once the drunk kids who take them upload them for me.

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i was alice last year with blonde and hot pink hair. this year i have two costumes planned. one is just a victorian dress im making with my mom and a wig, and the other is a vampire. i have a halloween party every year so ill do the vampire thing for that so ill be warm inside the house and the victorian dress for trick-or-treating (yeah im almost seventeen and still trick or treating) so i can wear pants underneath so ill be warm.
i thought the guitar hero thing was hilarious.
im planning on dying the majority of my hair orange and then having purple tips.
Almost 17? Well, I am 17 and still trick or treating. Well, I could care less about candy, I just love (legaly) running around town at night in a costume.
last year I was 17 and I still trick or treated. I would this year but partying in Santa Barbara sounds way more fun.
this year I'm doing satan with a mohawk

Either just going shirtless in shorts, studded belt and a cape, and having horns and a red mohawk. Or I'll be a more formal looking devil and do a black tux vest, black tie, black slacks, bright red shirt, bright red mohawk and bright red cape (2 sided, outer side will be black)

but being that I'm a starving college student now, I don't know if i can spend any money on putting together the formal one.
i like the thought of the formal one better.satan should be a classy dude, having to run such a large establishment.XD
yeah, i plan on trick or treating till im like ninety two.... ill pretend to be some kid dressed up as an old lady :)
yeah and itd be sooo cold shirtless.....
I've gone shirtless for a few halloweens now, its not that cold in southern california. But I do like the classy satan idea, hopefully I can put it all together in time.
I was thinking about painting up my face, spiking my hawk, and wearing a black hooded cloak for halloween. I think that dressing up as the Joker would be pretty cool. I just need to buy the jacket and some green hair dye. I dunno. Tell me what you think I should be.
As cool as the Joker is, he will probably be a little overplayed this Halloween huh?
my friend is going as a neo-nazi, pretty scary where i live.

i dunno what ill do, maybe just go in some boxers.

maybe james bond
i cldnt think of anything so fuck it! il go out as a nudist lmao
Yeah. That is the main reason I don't wanna do the Joker. He'll be over played and we all know that when something is over played and over done that its wack. So what do you guys think of my cloak idea?

Any other ideas? I'm open to suggestions.



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