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Anyone here with scarifications? (Not to be confused with standard self mutilation.)
I have eight so far, which I've done myself.


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Thanks haha.
Oh god yeah, they fade so fast on arms.
That'd be sweet, I wanna see pictures if you do it.
yeah ill probably have it done by next weekend,im going to design the sparrows first,and make sure i want to do it there.
ive had alot of scars on my arms and theyre gone within a year,i used a safety pin too so maybe i should try something a little sharper

Yeah, definitely use a razor blade or something, or unscrew the little
blade from a brand new pencil sharpener and use that.
Make sure to cut deep if you want it to last.
no lol you use a scalpel and a very sharp sterilised one, and its best to get a pro to do it
Lol I know, but I used what I had on me.
I don't have money to pay for a pro. XD
why dont we have chris do it with pink ink tatood so it looks like a scar.. lol j/k

i dunno, the whole idea just stands out to far for me.
personally i find it as exactly the same thing as self mutilation.

do whatever you want. just dont do it to me while im sleeping okay =]
ughh it isnt self mutilaionnnnn,he doesnt have his license yet and ive always wanted to do it,so.....
This may come as a shock.

But your underwear is showing.
Well I certainly did not notice this. XD
Me neither at first. You have to look REEEAAAL close.
Those damn optical illusions.
Oh it's no illusion, it's there, trust me.


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