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Anyone here with scarifications? (Not to be confused with standard self mutilation.)
I have eight so far, which I've done myself.


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Thank you!
Haha, aww, well, that's okay.
If you do it, I wanna see pictures.
I have a cherry blossom on my leg, but its pretty much gone now.
To make them stay its normally better to take out a section of the skin, also it makes them look really neat :D however that way it really has to be done by a pro.
I saw a pic of a girl on BME with snowflakes all down her leg and they looked really groovy.

Yours look pretty awesome though :D !
Sounds cute.
Haha, yeah, I'd really screw it up if I took out chunks.

Thanks very much. =]
hmm, I hate flower patterns usually, but I liked the meaning behind it.

Yeah, its pretty permanent when you take out sections of skin, so if you fuck it up, or decide you dont like it you're screwed. Its also not really something many (if any) people can do themselves because you naturally hold back. Then theres also the high rish of infection from a wound like that.

You're welcome. I particularly like the bird, its neat :D
Haha same here actually, I think it's such a bland design.

Lol I know, it was really impulsive of me but I'm happy with the outcome.

Thanks very much. =]
that sounds mad, who has seen the one of the bamboo on that girls back?
Oh god, that one looks so painful.
i am almost done with the sparrow,little details im fixing.i had to rub it all with alcahol because there was ink from where i marked it in the was intense.
so i decided to give it a little time to heal a bit before i worked on the feathers and such.
upload a pic when its done =]?
yeah ill most likely upload a pic tonight.hopefully ill get it done soon.
awsome =]
i was gona do 1 on my stomach today but i didnt wanan screw it up :P plus i dno how deep n stuff to cut lol im a clumsy cunt lmao
yeah probably not a good idea to do about you go get it proffesionally done, just seems a tad safer...and smarter


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