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Anyone here with scarifications? (Not to be confused with standard self mutilation.)
I have eight so far, which I've done myself.


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Hmm, pretty deep. Like, when you can see the skin spliting apart.
The deeper you cut, the wider the scar will be.

It depends. First you want to cut the outline
then keep going over it to deepen it. The
swallow on my leg took about an hour.
so im guessing a fresh razor will do.
no way, a sharp sterilised scalpel and a proffessional at the least otherwise you can get infections or seriously fuck yourself up
scarification is for retards. get a tattoo like a normal person.
Not old enough/don't have the money.
All I have to say about this subject is FUCK THAT! I'm not emo enough to get a Scarification. I'll get a tattoo if I decide on getting anything done to my skin.

But Scarification? Fuck that. It looks too painful and shit. Just....No. No fucking way.
Tattoos are painful too. =P
i think its hardcore,not 'for retards'
its not emo,its fucking rad.
were not exactly normal people....
i think its cool because its different.
but its your opinion.
i was just stating mine.
To each his own, but I dont think this is retarded, I personally like the way it looks, and would consider getting it done, but probably not by myself.. I have lots of scars would be nice to do something over them so they look nice instead of scar-ee.. And its not emo if you get it done.. emos... they just randomly cut themselfs... and i dont think most doanyways.. Imma look for a place when i go visit edmonton/ i want to get a few more piercings when im upthere anyways.
lol bad ass.. lol :Ppp hafe to be really fucking drunk for that i think ill just stick to tats lol...and for al you hypocrites fuck off dudes if she wants to do it let here fucking do it you dont fucking like it when you get criticized fuck off its bad ass :D...and maybe she doesn't want to be normal like most of us any body ever called me normal id knock them on there ass lol...but im done bitching now..its bad ass thow i think its cool .
Loool don't do it when you're drunk, you'll fuck it up. XD
But thanks man. =]
so lol im a very calm and steady well balanced drunk k :pp


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