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i dont know if i should patch/stud it or not,because it looks really good plain,but then i feel naked without stuff on it.i need some opinions,
its like a really dark brown ish black leather and its furry on the inside

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yeah i was planning on doing a huge patch on the back,its super plain
i make mine. or go to a ghetto store and buy t-shirts i like, then cut em out and put where i like.
to No1seCompla1nt
i get my patches from shows, or usually
i cant think of any other sites i use, but interpunk works for me
a big ass bitchin' camero patch.
i dont like that song
far away by social distortion?
not a HUGE social distortion fan.
im probably going to put this
no1se compla1nt
i make my patches but you can get back patches and small patches at crustpunks,angry young and poor,dr.strange[im not sure if thats the name i forgot]
and alot of other sites.
they also sell studs,spikes,bullet belts,hats,hair dye,plaid pants,jackets,belt buckles
anything u want basically

awesome site, they have political stuff, music and random stuff. it's the site i use and i love it
shud link this to the boot painter too
i would say damn the patches, damn the studs...

put a big ass stencil on the back, and roll on some acrylic paint.

be original!


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