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Is anyone else here religious in some sort? Personally I am a Christian.

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Christian. Missouri Synod (conservative to Martin Luther's writings) Lutheran.
I do take communion, repentence, and forgiveness very seriously.
And I try to to treat others as I would like to be treated.

We Lutherans may be a bit serious when it comes to our faith, but we can be fun and enjoy life and people as well.
BTW, Martin Luther questioned not only the church establishment of his time, but also occassionally became angry with God. Several Old Testament prophets also had this kind of realtionship
I have a real relationship with God. I do get angry with God and question why things happen, both on a personal and larger level. And I give thanks for the blessings I have.
Over the years I've discovered that there is indeed a grand plan. And I won't fully understand until I reach the afterlife (hich I hope is many years away).
I've had the experience of being with people in their final moments. At the time of death, I've felt their spirit leaving the body. It is always a wonderful feeling of peace.
i'm not chrisitan, but i do reference the faith a lot when i talk about religion. i went to catholic school 1st-5th, so it's a tough habit to break. but i consider myself agnostic. i do pray sometimes, however. we all need to ask for help sometimes :D
In the past I've been an Atheist. Now I'm a Christian.
I am of no religion, because:

- choosing one religion is based on adopting a particular doctrine (of yours or your peers choice), when all are equal in nature (i.e. they are all based on faith);
- or in maintaining a socially acceptable imaginary friend for adults.

Though I do admire the tennets of the Church of the FSM. But each to their own.
I wasn't talking about one religion - that's why I didn't reply under your post about paganism.

My reply was explaining some reasons why I, personally, don't choose a religion. You missed out two clauses (and the point in my first reason) in reading my answer: 'adopting a particular doctrine (of yours or...' and the 'or' at the start of my second reason. I was trying to cover a lot and not target any one relgion.

I don't formalise my beliefs (or hold them as required) by following a particular set of tennets (which is a common definition of a Religion).

My answers are about my reasoning for myself. :)
I know what you mean - it's just a general reply to the topic's general definition. Maybe sometime we'll get a chance to chat online about specifics of what your form of neo-paganism is - it's seems an interesting topic on its own - but I don't want to derail the topic any more than I have. :D
im not religious
Shi'a Muslim. (Shiite for all you non-Arabic speakers)
I was raised Roman Catholic.. and yes, at least one person in every Roman Catholic home converts or becomes Atheist. I switched to Atheist and then visited Beirut and converted to Islam.
i am a very unique form of self practicing christian...
My main beliefs are as follows: Jesus is my lord and saviour, the church should be united rather than dissolved into all these denominations, and i believe that the world is meant to die for a reason... just think about it if we were all meant to coexist and live peaceably then what would be the point in salvation? I'm not saying to not try to be kind to others we should all of any faith strive to do that, but all must come to an end so as to make a new beginning so to speak.

i dont attend services because i have been around waaaay too many denominations for my own good and most of the people there have made me feel rather unwelcome, i have developed a pessimistic outlook as to being fed so many contradicting points of view, i know what i know and that is the basic elements of my salvation and to try to live as i know Christ would want me to.
i dont conform to any religion. im an atheist i guess but i just dont like having that title because like i said, i dont like conforming to any one set of beliefs. believing in the power of a steeple is the same to me as asking santa to save your dying grandmother.


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