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I'm really interested in why people dress the way they do, and what styles they have worn before, I'm wondering what styles have you worn and what kind of thing you wear now.

I started at 9yrs old wearing black and listening to Siouxsie and The Banshees and the Sex Pistols, then I turned into a Chav for what turned out to be the worst year of my life, then back to Goth, then Emo when it started again, Scene for a while (that annoyed the shit out of me), Grunge-y, Punk and Goth again. My self-discovery journey was a long and difficult one, just ending up in being the same to begin with.

What did you guys wear? and what do you wear now?

The first picture is me a couple of years ago (i think) as Emo
The second picture is me a year ago as Scene
The third is me now

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dude i just wear jeans and a tshirt
always have
always will
I started out a grungy baggy jumper kinda look through school then went all out girlie with mental hair and prom dresses with docs during the day , then i went through a kinda gothic stage god help me! then back to the girlie mental hair charity shop look im defo sticking with it . I adore vivienne westwood clothes and hunt vintage shops for her 80s clothes i have a jacket and extremley high heels , ive never really followed the crowd in how i dress as my mates have such different taste from me i love just throwing stuff together or making my own clothes just wish i was a little better on the sowing machine ! x
im naked...always...naked...
I wish I were always naked.
Clothes can be quite bothersome. D=
I tell coworkers that I'm naked under my clothes.

That usually grosses them out because the first thing they think of is me naked :P
If I don't have to get dressed for anything, I just spend the day naked, or in a robe (with respect to my roomate)
Hot. You know.... I'm naked under my clothes too. ;]
Me too, what a coincidence!
i usually free ball it
i usually free ball it
I free ball under my underpants.


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