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I'm really interested in why people dress the way they do, and what styles they have worn before, I'm wondering what styles have you worn and what kind of thing you wear now.

I started at 9yrs old wearing black and listening to Siouxsie and The Banshees and the Sex Pistols, then I turned into a Chav for what turned out to be the worst year of my life, then back to Goth, then Emo when it started again, Scene for a while (that annoyed the shit out of me), Grunge-y, Punk and Goth again. My self-discovery journey was a long and difficult one, just ending up in being the same to begin with.

What did you guys wear? and what do you wear now?

The first picture is me a couple of years ago (i think) as Emo
The second picture is me a year ago as Scene
The third is me now

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I used to be a little goth fuck face, and I "attempted" to be a little punk rocker back in middle school, I thought I was the heaviest shit ever cause I listened to Blink 182, Good Charolette, Sum 41.. etc.. Wore all the gay clothes and whatnot, now I just wear whatever I can find in my room, hell I'm rockin my old Guns N Roses T shirt today, some camo shorts, and my DVS's... Any other day I might wear some docs, my authority zero jacket, or misfits jacket, and some pants.. clothes are too much of an asthetitic these days in music, who cares what the hell you wear, clothes and words mean nothing, only action does.
usually in a beater an jeans
when i was about 6 my mum gave me a mohawk from there when i was about 12 i sorta went emo at 14 i was scene for a couple months and here i am rockin the mohawk guess bein a "punk"
I've never really been into stereotypical "punk" fashion. In high school the people who dressed punk were just another clique who listened to blink 182, sum41, etc. A couple of them were cool in my books, though. I wore jeans and tshirt, got a haircut twice a year tops. Held a lot of resentment towards fashion in general, and refused to conform to any of the social fashions.
Nowadays my dress code is much the same, except I have a mohawk and paint my own shirts.
i was never anything until middle school, i had no musical taste because my parents were really sheltering or listened to country.
I was a metal head for the longest time after that and made a slow transformation into a punk.
it took a while though, it wasnt like one year i was into metal and then the next i was into punk it was just one of those unstopable things.
hell, im still into metal, but i still listen to other genres as well.
well when i was nine i was all into the gothy scene which is quite big in plymouth like punk , emo , scene.from ten to 12 i was just very sporty and into martial arts more , 12 to 13 emo , now 13 to 15 punk
i went from normal to goth to punk to hippie to goth and now punk/goth...i dont like labels so i just mash the two together. =)
for a couple years a wore a bunch of different suits that were all ripped to shit with a nice big anarchy symbol on it try wearing something like that to a catholic school always got the shit kicked outa me now I have a whole pile of punked jackets and wear somthin different everyday punk lives on (also have a studded shop coveralls for working in the auto shop)
fuckn a man. i allways wear ripped to shit jeans usally baggy shit or low low rize jeans usually always in a beater. if they dont like how we look FUCK EM ALL. I still wear my jncos with big assed pockets...which are great for liftin shit...yesterday i was in my tripp jeans. Dude hhow u like wearin a hawk man?
i jus wear whatever i find first in my room. heh.
i dressed in a kinda old school 80s goth style from like 4th grade to 8th then just some crusty in freshman year then started on with the bondage gear and the mohawk and now im kind of a cross between a everyday run of the mill stoner/crusty/street punk i guess
they have saying where i come from ye? "real men where kilts"

they other saying where i come from, "butch it up as much as you want, you're still just a man in a skirt"

i have a personal saying though, "as long as I'm not a man wearing my girlfriends pants, I'm more man than you"

and that's what i have to say about kilts

on the subject of fashion,

i tried three times to discribe it, and decided they didn't work well, i ended up with either
A. a story about a metalhead fucking, eating, engaging in the cannibalism of a hippy girl and a rock nd roll girl, and shiting out my sence of style
B. my grandpa's quote for my father's ancestry, "what are you? well i was drunk, your mom was stoned, so i guess you're half drunk and half stoned"
or C. all the above

so i'll just simplify by saying, my sense o' style is very strange, but largely takes influence of gypsy punk, "punk" fashion/diy etiquet, a mish mash of "oh hey look! pretty bottle cap!" type of wear rat-asism (like the wearing version of pack rat-asism), and of course an ever-changing sense of indecisiveness
i'm told i take longer than a preppy girl getting ready to go somewhere

but to me, as they sae, variety is the spice of life kiddies


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