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hey ive been putting my hair up for awhile now and its been all good with some aquanet and a blow dryer but the last few weeks have been too hard too put up...everyones telling me they are too tall....any suggestions on putting up 18- 20 inch liberty spikes

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Try to do that, and then to reinforce each one, use some got2be glued gel and go over it. THEY WILL BE HARD AS HELL. you can even blow dry more hairsparay on after that.
Mine's roughly 12-18" and I do mine in liberty spikes and they're just fine.

Here's my method:

Shower, shampoo and condition (leave conditioner in for a couple of mins (this might not be necessary for you as you don't have bleached or dyed hair)). Once out of the shower I towel dry, comb, then blow dry. I keep brushing my hair once it's pretty much dry and keep drying it until it's all fluffy. Once my hair is fluffy I separate it into sections using bobbles (normally 5-9 sections, I prefer odd numbers, as you end up with one right on the crown of your head, otherwise it looks a little empty). Pick up one section at a time, spray from a distance of at least 6 inches (I used to spray really close, but distance helps for some reason) start with the base top 4 inches or so (the rest I leave until later.

Repeat this for all sections of hair.

Next spray and dry the rest of your hair (leave the space it takes for your fingers, no need to burn them).

I like to strengthen the spikes one at a time using more hair spray, I only use glue to fix it as it is, rather than to add strength (I feel that the glue doesn't make it stronger, just last longer and waterproof it somewhat). I generally do it until when I shake my head they don't move at all.

Once it's all pretty much done get some glue and do the tips, the glue should be thick and strong enough that they don't bend or fray (I just 'pull' the glue through, I don't twist them, the glue should be strong enough).

Then I get some glue and work it into the rest of the spikes starting from the base and going up (if you go down it pulls hairs out of the spray and it looks messy), be careful not to use too much for the first application, as it'll bend or even collapse, you can always add more coats later (I normally do 2 or 3 if I'm going to a gig, it'll last 5 days easily).

Don't blow-dry the glue as it goes kinda molten rather than drying, and sometimes takes longer to set than it would normally.


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