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Well which wins? Give a reason for your answer

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I love the Clash BUT I think it has to be the 80's stuff - the hardcore scene was pretty revolutionary at the time, and as far as influencing bands later on I think there has been a greater cultural draw on the 80s band than the 70s


 70's stuff had a more rock 'n' roll groove to it. The 80's hardcore, not so much.


 I prefer the more rock 'n' roll groove. Because you just can't tap your foot to a hardcore song. It's just a blur of noise after a while.


 Not saying any of it is no good.

hmmm late 70's early 80's for me

whatever i like, i dont sort it. but mostly 80-85.

i've started listening to 90+.

this one gave me some trouble, but id have to say 1970s just because of the circle jerks.

I don't really care much for years, so to me its "punk rock vs hardcore," so I'd say 1970's.

"Hardcore" is kind of a big pissing contest to see who can be the most, well, hardcore! But I'm just going off the majority, I know all hardcore isnt like that.

When I think "1970's punkrock" I think of this, when I think of "hardcore" I think of this

they're the same link! Still loved the song though
yeah, great song
Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be on the computer first thing in the morning. I also sent an email to "Dad" that was meant to go to "Dan," I hope he enjoys the adventures of Back Door Sluts 9 as much as Dan would.
who WOULDN'T enjoy Back Door Sluts 9, the camera work is sublime
I know, and Danny Devito makes a cameo!


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