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Alright just to get it out of the way, what hair dye would most of you recommend. I've tried Manic Panic and some cheap ass stuff. For the cheap stuff, apparently ruby red was a code word for shitty orange. And for manic panic, it worked better but still not that great. (plus turned my bathroom blue every time i took a shower) So what would you guys recommend?

And any hints on how to make a bi-hawk. (like zachary byron helms, if youve seen his) I think it looks pretty kick ass.

Thanks for any help.

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I am partial to special effects. I've noticed it doesn't "wash" out and stain everything, even when you're dying. However, it could just be that my hair absorbs the dye and holds it. Never can be too sure, especially since I don't dye your hair as well. But if you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, its going to get rid of the product, and most likely and semi-permanent dye faster than usual. Just keep an eye on what you're using haha.

I would check one of the other three threads about bi-hawks or tri-hawks. I just woke up and can't remember what was said, but i think something was there.
i agree, special effects is the best that ive used so far. there is some bleeding with the darker colors, but otherwise its great.
Cool thanks for the info. Where can you buy special effects at?
Would google it, but I think its something like or

but I also might be confusing the URL with another site.

Also have used lysol to get unwanted dye off of my scalp...mmm tasty
punky colors is my favorite dye, it lasts ages and the colors are very vibrant..great stuff..
you also should always keep clorox bleach spray, ajax, and rubbing alcohol on hand when you dye your hair.. the bleach spray and ajax will make any color wash right off your tub and the rubbing alcohol is great for getting dye off your skin.

heres the links i found to some of the bihawk threads we already have going here..should be handy info in there somewhere for ya..


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