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"A punk rock song won't ever change the world. But I can tell you about a couple that changed me."

So, I know everyone on this forum has to have a song or a band that completely inspires them. I want to know what band really brings out the best in you, or even just a quote a band has written that you could basically base your life on and be completely satisfied. Maybe there's a band that has actually changed your entire outlook on life? Tell me why and how!


For me, Defiance, Ohio, a little folk punk band, has really been a big impact on my morals. I have a quote from one of their songs titled I Don't Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You tattooed onto my chest and the quote reads, "Action comes easy, it's the moments just before that are hard when I've got to get my voice and my fist on the same page as my heart." The band sings about living simply, freely, and doing everything you can with everything you've got. It's basically shaped the past 5 years of my life.


(And for everyone, the quote of the discussion title is from the band Wingnut Dishwashers Union and the song is called Fuck Shit Up)

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"Float on" by Modest Mouse. I love that song. Aslo, "I'm not down" by the Clash. They pick me up when I'm down.

I like how you put Modest Mouse under there, I like them to. We have a mix of Indie and Punk which is a rarity. The album with float on is pretty good


Thanks. Also, Ive been listening to "Should Fly" by Vermillion Lies.

I listen to a lot of things. I don't make myself exclusive to punk.

Just so you know. I youtub-ed that song. And it's amazing. Thank you for sharing <3
Oh, thanks. :] I'm glad you enjoyed it.
When I got my depressed listening to the Arctic Monkeys, Florence + The Machine, and bunch of other bands kept me from doing some crazy things. It's funny how little noises put together can express such meaning to us. Something from nothing how oddly human.

G.G. Allin, his music inspires me to throw my poop at people and molest small children. As for quotes, there are plenty of great ones to choose from.


"I wanna rape you, you slimy cunt"

"There's nothing like the cunt of a ten year old fuck"

"Find an elementary school at recess time. Pull your pecker in front of them and masturbate."

"Look into my eyes and hate me"

"Fuck authority"

"I'm fucking the dog!"

"We're just sluts and living like scumfuc alley trash. So if we piss you off that just tough fuckin' shit."

"I wanna die before I get old, get fucked up, DESTROY!"


His lyrics make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

haha, well fuck yes. Go throw poop, just don't come to my town <3


any choking victim song.
Big A Little A  by Crass really got me thinking ....
This may sound odd but almost everything psychostick has made I can relate to,,I fucking love psychostick, alot of their songs are real shit people go through but they make it funny and they sound fucking amazing,

Green Day is the first band that ever got me into punk (please don't hang me), and they really fucking changed my life. I would have never gotten into the wonderful world of punk music if it weren't for them. Plus, they changed my entire outlook on life and the world and politics and everything.

Anti-Flag, Leftover Crack, and Rage Against the Machine really get me thinking and are great political bands that have helped to shape me.


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