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I dunno if anyone else has this issue where they are, but where I am we have a lot of people accusing our group of punks of being the "rich punks"

I'm not entirely sure where this assumption came from.

We work for every dime we get. We all have minimum wage jobs.

If we have something nice we either made it, or worked to get it.

We're not getting hand outs.

We're not being supplied by mom and dad.

It just doesnt make sense.

Most of the time, we ignore it, but it still baffles me endlessly.


Any opinions/similar stories?


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I LOVED IT,,,I'm not a punk but where I grew up I got the same shit ,hey this is how I looked and still do look at it,SO you can't help it your a bit more fortunate than those losers either you worked for what you have or born into money,it doesn't matter people with nothing will always hate what you have earned or was given,,do what I used to do look at them like yeah I got money SO,,,GO GET A FUCKING JOB DO WHAT I DO ,,WORK,, I was extremely fortunate growing up,BUT it was made clear at an early age I had to work work and WORK,and never look down on the less fortunate,,but sometimes in cases like yours,,, FUCK EM, 


Tasha, you're contradicting yourself. You say it doesn't matter whether or not someone has money/nice things because thats not what punk is about.......then why do you care if people mistake you for a rich punk? Who cares whether or not people think you have money? Its not like they're mistaking you for a Nazi or something.....they're just putting you in the wrong tax bracket. So what?
It's not that I necessarilly care if people mistake me for rich or not. That I don't give a fuck about. What I don't understand is why it's used, and considered, as a valid insult.
Today my sister and I were talking and she mentioned that she felt that I resented her because she makes more money than me and just bought a car. I simply replied telling her that I wish her the best and that she worked for all she has. She went to school for 6 years and is now very fortunate. I come from a low income family and wish that on no one. Just because I was raised without much doesn't mean I don't strive to do better. I may have more than some people but that doesn't change the way I feel about life and nor should it. Point is if you can't accept others for who they are and treat them equally you should take a hard look in the mirror and make sure you are still a "real punk"

Furthermore, I would like to thank anybody who made it through this :)

What baffles me is street kids who actually got nice homes to go back to when they can whenever they want. 

Yeah, but in my experience sometimes you are better off on the streets.

If I'm given the chance to stay home, save money for school and not have to pay rent, then fuck yeah. Living on the streets blows hard, fun at times and responsibility free is awesome. But I'd rather have home cooked foods then eating out of a garbage bin any time. I'd rather see the house cat die then friends ODing on drugs, a bed rather then a dingy alley... And getting lice sucks!

It depends on the individuals home environment I suppose but you do raise a few very fair points

Honestly, since when is having nice things an insult? Why even bother paying any mind when a person says so?

I come from a lower class background and have been working my way through school not only to gain an education but to provide a better means of living for myself.  Having a roof to be under, amenities and the things you desire is a privilege many people seek after.  I want to be able to get the 59 Edsel I've been drooling over and have a day where I can pay the bills with something actually left over. Personally, I take no heed to any comments like that.  What I'm doing, and I'm sure many others are, isn't about being punk or not but enhancing individual wellbeing and livelihood.

rich or poor, nice things or shitty, new clothes or homemade hand me downs its how much you appreciate what you have and not the quality of the material and not what it defines you as, but how you define yourself.

I believe they are referring to the kids who buy the look more than live it

I wouldn't call myself "well off", but I make ends meet and because I save and don't spend frugally, generally can afford to be able to go to concerts and gigs and have fun.  What's great is actually when people think I would be dirt poor (had a homeless guy once ask a dude in a suit next to me for money, then he looked at me and didn't bother, simply walked away, haha) then are surprised that "Hey, thinking of buying a new tv" or "shit, this new game came out on PS3, Imma grab it!"  

It's the opposite of being accused of "well-off," but I think people that comment like that are on some level jealous.  Why even point that out?  :\  Many punks don't fit stereotypes, not all of us come from the same background, and not all of us value the same things.  It's what makes us individuals and... well... punks.


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