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Just wondering if there are any small town Hawkers on here? I grew up on a ranch but got into a punk band in high school (no longer in a band) nothing is better than walking around with a hawk in a town of 700 people...Im in college now and just changed to pink and black working on the length....but if there are any good stories let me hear em!

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im not so sure how small a town Newcastle is.
i get a bit of abuse about it.
but i've seen a few Mohawks around town.
tho on trips to more remote towns...
..i can tell people have never seen one in person.
I know what you mean there.........
I'm the only hawker in my town of 230 people :)
I live in a big city (Tampa) were there are a few more mohawks, but not nearly enough. D:
Ha Ha...I know what you mean...but then again if everyone did it then we wouldn't be so unique! But maybe we should all do some investigative work and find out were they all go!
It is great to be the only one...I dont think I have a name at school just the Mohawk kid but hey I guess thats fine with me....but all in all thats why they made this sight we had to find each other somehow cause we all have great stories!!...i just wish i would have found it sooner
HA HA..... thats the kinda shit that scars you for life...but in a weird way great story!
i think it's hilarious that a racist was listening to Bob Dylan lol i wonder if he's ever heard the song "Hurricane"?
Only one in a town of... 125 people! Yeah. I'm lonely. In my school which is in the next town over has 90 kids. K-12, and I'm one of the two with different hair. The other is a scene girl with green in her hair.
well my city has 120000 or so people but its actually made from two towns fort william and port arthur. the two halfs have been thunder bay since 1970 and most people can still tell if your from one side or the other as they are still two very distinctly different places
but there are now a fair few hawks in town but when i first had one there were only about 6 other people i saw that had them and when i got mine it turned out they all knew eachother anyway

but when i was still in highschool noone else had one at my school and i was actually the first one to goto that school and have a mohawk that didn't get charged with something(usually made up charges at that) they tried to get me charged with uttering death threats but i fought it and it got dropped as i was supposed to be at one end of the school and i was actually in the other end in my computer class and i never skipped that as i got to teach it occasionally

also as a note about the charges my friend and original founder of the thunder bay reptile club was by profession a probation officer and had several of the previous people that went to my school and had hawks under himm and he didn't believe most of them did what they were accused of


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