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for me they are just punk's gravestone. They seem to symbolise all that is the fake steretype of punk rock, Joe Strummer would be turning in his grave!

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I'd have to agree with you, tho I like some of theyr songs. They're like "We're so punk, look at us, your a poser" etc. etc.
yeah i know, and they clearly have an oncall stylist for when their mohawks begin to flop!

for anyone still with a shadow of a doubt of how bad this band actually is, i'll link you to this video

"Steel toe boots
Spiky Hair
We Dont Care
Punx & Skins. "

yup, really plumbing the depths of human existence with those lyrics.
that picture says it all,,I can see through them and I see the jonas brothers inside,,lol
Ya, pits are definite hawk killers, tho I doubt if the casuals even take the risk of they're hawk fallin down, mayb they just use the carspray. I dunno,.
I've never really been a fan...

And it doesn't help that I'd never seen them at any local shows where I used to live, in their hometown...
I guess they're too "punx" to support their local scene.
i like them
I only heard one song by them, wasnt really interested in hearing anymore. Poor Punk's Not Dead, you're the outcast. lol
DOn't be so hasty comparing rancid to the casualties, I must admit I like theyr gear a bit. But they got a long way to go till theyr at Rancid's level .. I won't associate you with the mohawks suck person (curse him:P) but isn't the fashion what attracts most young people into punk? .. I'm not that old myself but anyways. what I mostly hate about the casualties is that they are the sort of persons who buy 100 quid pants and fuck those up, while I prefer goin to a dump and buy it there. I think they're thinkin they're o so punk, but in meanwhile they forgot what 'punk' really is. Cause I doubt if they ever stud/patch theyr own jackets ..
So it makes me punk if I make my own clothes? I made a tye dye t-shirt. Does that make me punk or does that make me a hippy??
put some studs on it then you will be punk
until then your a stinky hippy
ewww stinky hippy.
It makes you a hippy, and hippy's should die! :p j/k j/k


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