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fuck yeah weed is the best drug ever gettin fuckin baked feels great i meen weed makes everything better it makes food taste better the music sound better shit everythin is better with weed its like an instant connection with nature not to mention it can be used as paper , fuel , clothes ,medicine and thats just some of the uses shit i fuckin love cannabis sativa!!

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thats exactly why i put it

lisenin to music while stoned is the best therapy for anythin really specially wen ur in a place were theirs no people around like in the woods or sumthin XD and yes it is one of the best feelins in the world fuckin love weed! =D
I like weed as a nice passtime when i feel like it.
hey I'm a good girl and law-abiding citizen!
I love cannabis. I prefer a bong(gets me toasted in no time) but also like blunts(easy to get rid of the evidence and the flavors are delicious)


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