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Question is fairly self-explanitory.
But I was just curious if some people never put their hawk up for some reason, and if so, why, and how do you style it instead?

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my hawk doenst go up as much as it should hasn't been up in over 3 days , cause im outta hairspray...... style it by combing itover or or hat or hood.
im not putting it up until summer because im letting some fresh virgin hair grow in, so i can cut the damaged hair off and start anew.but you best believe ill be putting it up more dyeing or bleaching though,im sick of my hair falling out.
as for styling i just wear a scally cap or hold the hawk back in bobby pins
My bf always just wore his back in a ponytail and under a beenie hat.
i dont wear mine up often..but its just cause im lazy and dont go out much haha..
hahaha amen to that
haha same here. but i do go out a FAIR BIT good god caps
I hate having my hawk down - esp. from the rain @(

I am, the draggled rat then...
hahaha its nice to see someone appreciate my view, i am of the same mind
i usually wear mine down. it's sorta wider, so i just put some wax in it to make it stand up a little. it looks kind of like messy fur.
Hell no! I try to have it up for days at a time.
i don`t put my hawk up often, because of the school and i'm lazy also xDD
but instead i put all to the left
I wouldn't think so.


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