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had an argument with a kid today about that. i think pot is worse than cigarettes. im not for sure though. You guys should give me some good reasons for either side.

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Pots worse than ciggs.
pot has 5x more tar or something in it
hell yes! straightedge =]
straightedge is tank
lol yes STRAIGHTEDGE all the way!!!
Poison free *crosses arms across chest* :)
I smoke both, and I would say ciggerrettes are worse, there expensive.. addictive, can cause cancer, can possibly make you impotent later on in life ( you wont be able to get it up ).. where pot smoke has more tar and shit that coats your lungs, but doesnt cause cancer.. just makes you stupid forabit.. i wouldnt say pot is addictive per say, that you would get withdrawls like needing a cig.. but mentally your like fuck i wnat to get stoned today... so yeah both are bad... but cigs are worse in my books
smokes cost to much in canada, the cheepest packs are 7 dollers, while the pot is relativly cheep, more expensive, per weight then the ciggerettes, but my cigg habit cost me alot more then pot, because i smoke more ciggerettes then pot.
Wow thats ridiculous, weed is definately NOT worse than cigarettes. I agree pure tabbaco, but the cigarettes everyone smokes are not pure. Weed is completely psychadelic and good for you it has been known to cure many diseases.. Cigarettes on the other hand have a shit load of chemicals and cause diseases. if you think cigarettes are better for you you've got some problems. and once you start smoking cigarettes it takes a shit load of will power to quit.

I smoke both but I had no idea how bad cigarettes were for you when I began.. and am in the process of quitting.

thats what is in a cigarette
I cant find a diagram on marijuana but i gurantee it's not as bad as cigarettes
pot does all cigs do and more
it makes you stupid to smoke full stop
i just dont believe that a marlboro company buys paint, batteries, sewer gas, arsenic, rocket fuel, pesticides, or toilet cleaner. if they did. squares would cost like 10 bucks a pack. there are lots of things in everything that we dont know is really there. the world is a DISGUSTING place.
there are actually those things in there but not exactly like that


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