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had an argument with a kid today about that. i think pot is worse than cigarettes. im not for sure though. You guys should give me some good reasons for either side.

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i hate it when people sit around and argue over which is worse.. it doesnt fucking matter, they are BOTH horrible!! hsdghadighoasihgoiahsdoi idiots.
yeah same lol
I think Minor Threat had it right, but I would believe cigs to be worse.
you do know that straight edge is an ideology not a label right?
theres no additives in cigars, but there are in cigs (its because of the filter)... i smoke from time to time (usually when i'm nervous). I know i'm not addicted because i hardly ever do it, i can go months without looking at a cigarett or cigar. i prefer cigars to cigarettes because there are less additives and chemicals in them (lesser of two evils) and they last longer! i used to smoke them after playing a concert but i dont do that anymore. never touched the mary jane... i guess i'm at a disadvantage lol i personally don't believe in doing those kinds of drugs, although alcohol and the occasional cigar/cigarette is fine by me. I hear that its hard for people to quit smoking, maybe its just the person, because i know for a fact i could put them down right now and not touch them ever again. maybe i just never smoked enough to be addicted. one things for sure though, some of those stop smoking ads are blown waaaay outta proportion.
just my little opinion. if pot is used in moderation/balance you don't overdo it and end up doing nothing but smoking then there really isn't any way it is worse then cigarettes which have at least 500 chemical additives and most tobbacco is also grown in irradiated soul. now compare that to a weed that has not yet even caused one death and has virtually no ill effects as shown by two government funded studies. personally i've smoked pot for 3 years pretty much daily and i've found i still have great lung capacity(can hold breath for 60 seconds little more if i really strain it) and yea i have kind of a chronic cough at times but thats usually for just a while after using. if anything it helps me mellow out in social situations which im not good at, or after work where i deal with the public all day. nice painkiller for thoughs skateboard crashes too.

and all an all as long as its making you happy without imposing on your life or the lives of others in a bad way then you should be able to do it without any restrictions from any government or group.
whats with this straight edge shit

"what happend to the days when kids used to live for beer and speed?"

a famous musican once said that and i quote "if you think drugs are bad you best go home now and snap every cd/vinal you own cause i can garentee that the person that wrote the music was under the influence". un quote
I agree that many musicians have written music while either intoxicated, stoned sturng out, or what have you. Its impossible not to, but this doesnt mean that people who choose to refrain from such substance use shouldnt be able to listen to music in general, or better yet be ragged on. Good for them if they choose not to drink or smoke, its a personal choice and a tough one at that. As long as they dont preach about it, let them do as they please and a note on my comment : Minor Threat is right in saying drugs are harmful, its a fact. But that doesnt mean don't try new things ;D
True, they are both bad. That’s why I recommend crack to everyone! It gives you ENERGY, STRENGTH, PEAK PERFORMANCE and it helps you LOSE WEIGHT! And that’s not all, when you start smoking crack today, you won’t have to SPEND A DOLLAR ON ANYTHING EVER AGAIN because you will be spending every dollar you have on CRACK the wonder drug.

Crack has other uses too. Studying for finals? Smoke some crack! Depressed? Smoke some crack! Lousy sex drive? Smoke some crack! Kids won’t get up for school? Smoke some crack and blow the smoke in their faces! Cardiac arrest? Aww damn dude, you smoked too much crack…
well i wouldnt know...


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