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Attention Old Members!! Roll Call! Kaos, Segadoway, Tanzmetall, Corpsequeen, Lena get your asses in here!!

Just replied to a new discussion about why this site has gotten slow. So it gave me an idea....ROLL CALL!! Or reunion! Whatever you wanna call it. We gotta get it going again.

If you were a member in the old days when this site had a lot going on then get your asses in here and tell us you're still alive! Let us know what you're up to. Com'on!

This could bomb or be totally awesome, It's hard to say.

New guys welcome too, of course. Haha!

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FUCK YEA!  Im in!   FTW an fuck the non punks


Well, I'm still around.  Haven't had my mohawk up in a few months, but it's still cut for it and I've been getting that itch to cut it a bit and put it up again.

As to other stuff, I've been doing a fair amount of gardening - including growing black/dark-purple tomatoes (which taste really good, fruity & slight plum like as well as tomato-ey).  I discovered Kale Crisps are tastier than regular crisps too! haha  Plus been getting out and about cycling longer distances into town and other places around.  Plus, coding and designing my long term game projects hobbies - as well as playing some MMORPGs and trying ArcheAge beta this week.

I ate a bug yesterday.

oh man did i miss this? 


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