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this is a question i have for anyone: how many band shirts do U have? I have like 20 and it seems to be wayy the fuck too many. like i dont even remember how i got some of these. or how i got a free cheap sex shirt and mike virus's bandana.

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I guess I have like 25 or 20, they're all I wear.

I have like 5 that I wear the most and some that I only wear at home, as my tastes have changed.
i jus seem to not get to wear some im so busy cuz i work. man i hate work
I have a decent amount. I still have to do laundry every 1-3 weeks depending on how smelly they get.
about 8. I had a shitload more.
Make your own.
Throw down 10 bucks for some paint, blank shirt (if you don't already have them) and maybe something to apply the paint with.

Super easy to make shirts.

They have a killer tutorial. :]
the stuff on that site is a bitch to cut out.
The only 'band shirts' i really have are the ones where i have gotten a plain tshirt and just stenciled the band logo or whatever onto. Actual band shirts cost too much, so i just do them myself XD.
i have 17, and 5 more i ordered from interpunk about a week ago.. i only buy the rad ones though, i have a couple buddies who will buy anything they see with a band name.. which i think is lame but whatever... im fuckin stoked for my op ivy hoody O__O
u guys shuld c mine, i got m y dri one signed my kurt :D
I have a Marilyn Manson shirt signed by Ginger Fish and all of Cradle of Filth.
d.r.i. is beter then marilyn manson


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