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this is a question i have for anyone: how many band shirts do U have? I have like 20 and it seems to be wayy the fuck too many. like i dont even remember how i got some of these. or how i got a free cheap sex shirt and mike virus's bandana.

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AND I am the worst person ever. Missed DRI twice. literally back to back this week.
about 100 or so maybe more...collected over a long time..alot of them have tour dates on them, some signed, others free with albums. I usually have abit of a rotation before washing before they get smelly.. usually wear about 3 or so each week before rotating to another set...

I have since limited myself to get only shirts with tour dates on them, since it tends to get out of control otherwise...

This weeks shirts are: Street Dogs - State of grace, The Rabble UK/Europe tour shirt, UK Subs 2009 tour shirt and DKM 2007 tour shirt
i only get band shirts of my favoirte bands, i jus ordered a germs shirt and a ill repute shirt
the uksubs ones sick! i got the green one? with the skull..? but by the time they got 2 auckland they only had 1 large left and 5 xl or something.. so i got the large and cut the sleeves off.. and a bit of the length.. haha
mines black.. that was a great show!!
AussieAlex: Grrr!!! I'm jealous!! I want a rabble tshirt, but i can never find one XD
Far as I know the shirt is now available from their website
I only have about 4 or something. It's pretty hard to find shirts in my size, that's why I don't have more.
Okay, im gonna check that out then:)
I have a lot. Haha, but how many I really wear is another question.

I had organized my closet by bands when I moved. Then by color. One half of my closet was filled - and it's pretty decently sized, 7 feet deep or so, lol.
Granted, I might have borrowed a few from my boyfriend and he might have some of mine, and some were gifts and just never worn. Haha.

I think I ended up with a lot of mine because I wanted to try some DIY projects on them. O.o should get on that...
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