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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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yeah you obviously care if youre replying to your replies. i know you have an internet reputation as a matress to live up to and all but cmon!
Uh! You little bitch. This is a discussion about hair, not "hey let me be a bitch and talk shit to a GIRL (who's obviously better than you) over the internet. Fuckin fool, you'd get your stupidass slapped with a quickness
Man grow the fuck up. This is the internet. This is an internet forum about hair. Why do you care so damn much? Why do you feel the need to insult someone for NO reason and reply to everything everyone says to you?
EVERYONE is tired of hearing from you and NO ONE give a fuck about the little petty bullshit you have to say so for the love of god stop talking.
internet is awesome.
I can't believe how fast that picture derailed this thread. Was a funny read, as terror stated, the 'Internet is awesome'.
That may be true for some people Cretin Girl, but it's also a very cynical outlook. It never occured to me what age "Trashy ******* ****" was, as I have my own lady and I don't look at other women as sexual objects of desire. I really liked the photo timeline!

My comment was directed towards james. Im getting tired of every time I come on here he is running his face trying to insult people. It's getting on my god damn nerves. Sounds like he needs to get laid asap so he can stop being mad at the world. He needs to just shut the fuck up.
Lol comment of win :D
Haha Thanks. But its totally true.
Note to james: Get laid or get the fuck out! THE FORUM HAS SPOKEN! Ha!
hahaha dude i counted 25 posts before tis point tat' where at a percentage o' 89% unrelated to teh tittle o' tis forum =XD
Her body, her choice.
Stop being sexist.
Get used to it.
loved the picture slide show, loved all of the hawks too =D.

and i actually missed you had no shirt on when i was looking through the first time, had to go back and find it lol.
really can't believe i missed that.


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