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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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Both good (apart from the major camera blur in the first one lol).  Taken in the same room with the coincidence of same shirt colour - it's like a magic 'hawk appearing out of thin air!  =D

ok so hmm mostly ive been crew cut...

had a brief eminem period in high school

followed by  my first hawk later that year

It got cut cause i was booted form home while i had it and the next crew cut ended like this:

Fast forward 10 years of crew cuts til you get to about a year ago and the hawk re emerges:


It grows up a lil

goes golden shower golden, has slept in liberty spikes:


Just Freshly whited out, fuckin love it:

That white is fuckin badass! What did you use, just bleach or something else?

Just a few hours of bleach and then some toner. came up white as white :)

And then i went red.... like yesterday.


loving the white hawk, i bleach my hair out and got an cool sea weed color.

sometimes coloring is just like painting, really. 

i've been kinda inbetween styles for a while.

 first i thought i'd dread my mini hawk.

and now this. i rather like the blondish with my skin. 

I used to have a haircut but now I just have a haircut.

A very young Nahtch

Why did i ever grow a stache again?

Playing some metal!

Hair chopped! Still playing metal


Awesome! :D  Great to see all the styles from long hair in the 2nd with beard and mustache - I actually think it looked good on ya. :)  And you rocking out in the light with the guitar is smart with the lit 'hawk.  Though you actually look younger with the 'hawk in the latest pic, than without it, strangely.


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