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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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The Long hair

Then some blond

Then went Red (my fave)

Then cut short and natural

Then back to red for my Wedding

And now the Mohawk look a lot like my boyfriends ex girlfriend.

please don't tell me you're from michigan
lol no from Australia...
i really like that 3rd to last black and white one. I think fluffy /messy hawks are the best.
love your fuzzy little head in the last pic
dude its changed tooo much, the hawk is the only thing ive kept so long :)
Hey Katshawk, how do you make your mohawk look all crazy when you stand it up like that? Is it back combed, or is your hair just naturally cool like that?
i have very thick hair and i do back comb a bit, then a little hair spray then a lot of blow dry and that's it, mostly thick wavy hair though ( and "naturally cool ").

Ohh and when i back comb i only do the bits near the scalp and the middle then spray it up straightish and try not to touch the ends, but mostly naturally cool hair :D
Ahh, awesome, thanks for the heads up Katshawk, looks pretty killer!
Hair (my hair used to come down to my ass) and the not Mr. Khaos (circa 2003):

Cut off the summer right after that last picture and rocked this hair style for several years:

Faux hawk (few weeks before I shaved my hair and literally had a baby hawk in October):

First mohawk growing out after the big shave (February):


No mohawk:

Mr. Khaos's junior prom and his cradle robbing date (he is a user on here, however infrequent!):

Us driving around:

Only picture I'm going to put up from the year following the last picture and right before I moved to Oklahoma:

First full day in Oklahoma:

Loved the orange:

Right after it was cut off:

Still lacking my hair =( :

Will not include all the colors or odd stylings while I had it. More pictures on my profile if you REALLY want to see! I tried not to use a lot of the same ones I have posted on there. Some are pretty cool. And that mohawked boy is my partner in crime and my life.
Awww, little Khaos.
Awwww, I knowww. Hahaha


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