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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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love it... you and mr. khaos, awww
Thank you =D
Ok, here we go:

around 2006; still quite normal (dyed black, as I've done ever since my 14th);

Began to shave the sides, and shortened the rest a bit;

Growing it back somewhat:

Putting it up (2007);

this was a mini-photoshoot at a fetishparty

2008 photoshoot;

Shaved it all off , here grown back for about a month (halfway 2009);

Growing back further, bleached and dyed;

Back to semi-regular hairdo (photoshoot);

Growing it some more, later started to shorten the sides a bit again, and starting more with the deathrock/batcave look (summer 2009);

That was the most recent, right now the sides are about 12 mm and I really need to bleech again, plus waiting for money so I can go nuts with colours.
well, ok, nuts is overrrated, but here's the result:


up(first attempt at spots, partially by a buddy)

Backview (paw completely by buddy):

all of the haircolors ive ever had.
currently purple. (the piano pic)

soon to be - black on the sides and atomic turquoise mohawk :D

With nada colour before it started

First proper dye

Blue'd up

Pizza slice brown n blonde

Switched it round

Went through a couple of colours

First shave and prints :)

Tried out some other shapes - cockd up checks

More patterns - stars

Back to this

Then thought fuck it

Now currently look like this..

wait, not that..


Cheers guys :)
lol @ smiley - I must say, you look very tasty in orange. ;)
But seriously, I like all the swept mixture colours you've had and the checkered board one and stars are schweet!
Thank you very much :)

..and hey, thats how i role at dinner time :P this ary farty personality just follows me :P
i like looking through the hair stories as it shows throughout their lives how people face/look etc has changed.

Mine was from about 6 years ago from that first photo to that last one.
That's a wig? It looks great!
Damn!! Looks like good quality for $20!! I was going to ask you how much you spent expecting a much higher amount! :p


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