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I was listening to my iPod the other day with random tracks playing and So Unloved came on, and then it hit me. I have a shit load of all female and majority female bands on there so I started trying to come up with which ones there better then others. It was hard. Too many to choose from for me. So, in your opinion, what are the best all female or majority female bands out there that you know of? The lead singer has to be female, and there can only be one guy in the band.

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the devotchkas :)

ive also always been rather fond of kittie..

just looked up these devotchkas you speak of.. great band, cheers!
ive had the biggest crush on alaine for...ever lol
otep. i know only the vocalist is a chick but still an epic band
To me I like kittie but my fav all time chick band is the runaways but when they broke up
It jus became joan jett and the blackhearts which is still cool
speaking of sexy voices, brody dalle always does it for me..
definately the best female singer in a band!
L7, Elastica, Lesbian Fist Magnet...
hopefully we all can agree that The Donnas are the worst :P
lol, i second that
X ray spex <3 My fave ever band is hole, early stuff is rockin as hell! L7 and devotchkas rule the world too :-)
Mine is Bikini Kill. Even though lots of people say their general music and singing is rubbish i still really like their tunes and lyrics. X-Rays spex and Devotchkas would be 2nd and 3rd. Warpaint are a whole different genre but they're really cool. I never hear of any new or exsisting female bands, especially in the punk scene. They still don't get as much publicity as mainly/all male bands.


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