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I saw Vice Squad on November 1st at a local club where I live and it was awesome!!!

I dunno if you know who they are, but the lead singer and the rest are amazing! And really catchy too, my fave song being 'Don't let the bastards grind you down'.

The lead guiarist asked who 'the lovely gal with the pink mohican' was. I was like 'yes, that's me!' The lead singer asked my name, we have the same name Becki, and she said i was wonderful and that she loved my hair, and then dedicated the next song to me, which was 'don't let the bastards'!!!!! fucking awesome!!!!

What was the best gig you've ever been to?

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I don't go to a lot of concerts myself, because of lack of funds but the best I would have to say would be Blackout, not sure who was playing, not sure what songs they played but it was amazing! It's electro dance music so a whole other genre than what most of you listen to ^_^
The best gig ive ever been to was rammstien i broke two of my ribs though and started riots but it was loadsa fun! x
What a line-up!
Best gig i've went to was Social D on jan 28th i believe of 08 at the HoB anahiem. So fricken sick. They play so much better at HoB's cause they play a lot of unfamous stuff sick. Best night of my life. I actually bought the tickets for me n my dad to go. It is funny how many people they squish in that small room.... XD
As follows:

1.) Gogol Bordello
2.) Incubus (seriously talented)
3.) Leftover Crack
THey'll do a world tour eventually i'm sure! theyre gettin big.
ohh I don't know how to figure warped tour into this but yeah

1. Strung Out (benefit show and Twisted by Design 10th anniversary show)
2. Warped tour with Rise Against, Street Dogs, Reel Big Fish, Authority Zero, Chaser (also the vandals, Charged GBH and Fear were there)
3. Warped tour with Pennywise, Reel Big Fish, Oreskaband
This is way different than everyone else's mentions, but the best show I have been to (or probably will ever go to) was Tom Waits in June.

The man was purely amazing. He knows how to put on a show. His commentary, his demeanor, the mood, everything was perfect. The man is so charming. He's still going strong at 59 :]
disturbed was pretty intense, and i had fun at rockstock
Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!
Flogging Molly: seen em twice, more like a huge ass party rather than a concert, everyone is drunk and throwing cans of beer in the air... i've never danced the jig more in my life!!!

Rancid: I got my arm dislocated in the pit and i kept on going until the end of the song flailing my limp arm and hitting people in the face... you just cant buy memories like that lol!


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