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I saw Vice Squad on November 1st at a local club where I live and it was awesome!!!

I dunno if you know who they are, but the lead singer and the rest are amazing! And really catchy too, my fave song being 'Don't let the bastards grind you down'.

The lead guiarist asked who 'the lovely gal with the pink mohican' was. I was like 'yes, that's me!' The lead singer asked my name, we have the same name Becki, and she said i was wonderful and that she loved my hair, and then dedicated the next song to me, which was 'don't let the bastards'!!!!! fucking awesome!!!!

What was the best gig you've ever been to?

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rancid were amazing!
um, oh!
plymouth punx picnic was soo fun!!
(loads of bands from south west uk jammed into 3days)
err just local gigs really.. none huge ones that were that amazing.. yet
gogol bordello very soon !
gogol bordello is the best!!!!!!! u gotta have fun with gypsey punk!
yeeh! 2weeks and i will be =]
im going against this now
bullet for my valentine are the best for me
compared to rancid last week, they were so much more lively, and talkative aswell
they had a pit. that i wanted to join into!
i loved every second of it
yeah when i saw rancid, it didnt look like tim was getting into it at all and didnt say anything the whole show pretty much
i totally understand what you guys are saying... at the show i went to it was like Lars was the one doing everything, Tim walked of stage alot... kinda looked like he was drunk too.
i hate having to assume theyre drunk to explain a shitty performance. i did the same thing for strike anywhere.they were so off.
im seeing misfits next week. im not expecting too much, but we'll see. tucson punx said he jerry only was a dick and the show sucked. he vowed never to play there again and walked off stage, hahaha.
either offspring live in 2000( i think) 11th row, i was like 10 and was amazing. we got in free since my uncle's best friend is the one who had signed free backstage pass too, saw Dexter shook his hand said hi and got my shirt signed, its pinned too my wall now, has been for the past 9 years. went to the warped tour(also with the same cousin i went to see the offspring with) saw dropkick Murphys. AMAZING.
also 2 years ago went to the warped tour and saw flogging molly, was also amazing, everyone was dancing and singing and a HUGE mosh, was a great time.


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