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Here in greece there aren't any shops with anarcho/crust-punk patches and i have to make them by myself.But,some logos are very difficult to do and i was wondering ,i am going to visit main london the next month,if i could buy from any shop there.They told me that i could find at Camden(or something like this).I also search for studs because here you buy one 1/2 stud for 0.50E and you have to pay 50Euros for just 100 studs!Would i find at Camden?Please help me if you know any shop in main London

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My local leather shop sells studs and spikes in packs of 50, 100, 1000, and more. I wouldn't have a problem picking them up and shipping them to you if you're like. I think they come to about 10 cents Canadian per stud or 5 Euro-cents. They have all sorts, from pyramid to 1/2in. spike.

The shop isn't far from me, let me know exactly what you want and I can get prices for you as well. :-)
noone around here sells studs :(
Who buys patches...

If the designs are difficult. Get better :)

Skill is nothing but familiarity and knowledge of through dedicated time.

P.S. with image reproduction for things like patches and shirts it's all in the method. Do some research.

As for spikes/studs and shit. Yeah internet is your best bet nowadays. Unless you're lucky enough to find some decent ones at a craft type store. They sell them at reasonable prices because of what they are.. a craft supply. Not as a marketable fashion trend. Maybe even try your luck looking on craft supply websites online? Hey that's thinking.
Anyway good luck.
I ve tried to make a patch of flux of pink indian( 2.2x2.2" and because the lines of the stencil are to thin the cardboard was melted and ripped.So i ve just maked a cyrcle of white colour.
My mom works in a hospital, and got hold of a roll of acetate type material, I will test it out and get back to you ifi can


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