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So, now I just learned that supposable colored laces mean different things. Which I never knew. Honestly I could care less but, now I'm curious to what each color mean?

Also, I'm trying to find green laces but I can't find them ANYWHERE can someone give me a good website or something?

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the color is actually more bright in real life in my opinion
Ericka Hysterica is right:

White = racism (neo-nazi skinhead thing)
Red = you've killed someone with racist intent

But who really gives a flying fuck?
I wear them because I have them (seriously - I got them for like 2 bucks each set). If anyone knows me, then they know that is not my drive, ya know?
if people want to be assholes about it, I'll let them. my choice to wear laces other than black or white, not theirs.
It's amazing folk are still talking about the meanings behind things like laces - well past the height of the extremist Skinheads and now transplanting it onto punks wearing laces?! I thought there wasn't enough folk following the code now for folk here still to point out an old meaning as the present day case. Maybe in some localised locations but not as a general thing.

It just shows how meanings are perpetuated and taken on by another generation and other groups, even when it has nothing to do with them or their actions.

If only people would stop perpetuating negative meanings to things that aren't connected...but that's sadly not going to happen in reality. At least with time, things change and meanings do drop away, just seems to take too long. =)
Mine are red on one shoe and black on the other.

The red one matches my hair =O
i had those on my boots once but then i went back to standard jump cord XD
*para cord...or what ever the cord is that the army uses for everything
As a skinhead or byrd, colored laces dont actually mean anything. well to traditionals anyways.

to nazi's they do though.
which sucks.

white means no racial quota, red means rascist, blue means S.H.A.R.P, and any other color doesnt really have a meaning.

i hate this whole color shit so i wear whatever i want to and if i get approached i just flip them off. ^.^
I do the same. Sometimes red, sometimes white, sometimes yellow, and sometimes black. Just depends on what else I happen to be wearing and what I fell looks coordinated.
I have pink laces in my one stars. I just got them at wal-mart.
this is all i know
yellow-ultra violent
green-vegan/green anarchism
white-white power
black-new skin/boots


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