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they look fucking awsome, im getting sick of my hair but dont want to get rid of my mohawk coz its mad. i could just dye it another colour coz this red has gone really shit, but the thing about that is that i dont have the money, and i need to get a job that will let me have "crazy" hair,
any opinions?
im scared it would look shit on me too, and hopefully i would be able to get them out, i cant really find any good pictures of them too so if you could send me some it would be appreciated
and would it be possible to still spike it up like a mohawk or wiill it be to heavy?

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I know there is actually a member on this site who not only wrote a how-to on making a dread hawk, but also has a few pics up...I'll look around and see what I can find.
Hopefully the links work for you. =]
yes i luv dread hawks i got the most awesomest skull wit a purple dread hawk on my arm and hes the fuckin coolest btw urs fuckin rocks hard
hmm iam thinking of a dreadhawk i might wait till my dreads at least 15 inch long they are 9 atm
this guy has a sik dread hawk

btw dreadlocks are to heavy to spike up unless you have some super gnarly shit to put on em
most dreadhawks arent spiked......


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