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At the gig last night some dickhead and his mates were crowd killing, and he left with a broken eye socket.
Discuss crowd killers.

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What does that even mean?
Yea I'd like to know too.
That and they mosh into crowds on purpose, extremely common at metal concerts
Does this also include pissing on people on purpose, cause I've seen that happen.
No, but that is disgusting.
there pretty much the reason i dont go to metal shows anymore, but in my experiences ya dont need to really worry about them at punk shows because most punks stress a scence of positive community, i was at leftover crack and the casualties show and some of the warm up bands were thrash/hardcore so this brought in a few crowd killlers, and this one hardcore kid decided it would be a good idea to punch my friend goose in the face, it busted gooses eyebrow by as soon as everyone around us saw that happen this little five foot six harcore kid got jumped by a shitload of punks, and then after they were done beating him scenseless they threw him out of the venue
Goose is a badass name.
Me too :(
100% agreed.
I always though it was called 'hardcore dancing.' Where you flail around and throw punches and call it dancing? I was a some hardcore show yesterday for my boyfriend's cousins band and there were like 3 kids 3 feet away from me flailing around smashing each other with closed fists. My boyfriend got pissed when I said I was gonna knock them the fuck out if one of them hit me. He said I wasn't in the spirit of things :p
no, HxC kids are pussies and space themseves far enough away so the doont hit each other
Not at all.


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