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Hey guys quick question: I'm getting ready to get my mohawk and I'm psyched, but I wanna know if super skinny girls are the only ones who can pull them off? I'm a small girl but I have curves for sure, figured I oughtta figure this out before taking the plunge!


Just wanna clarify: I'm not asking out of concern about what others will think, I'm asking people shaped like me if they think it fits them well because I wanna be satisfied with my decision; I have more than enough attitude/confidence to pull it off. And I'm not fat, I'm just not a stick either, that's what I meant by curvy. That being said, thanks for the answers so far guys!

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Curves are always more attractive than being stick-like. Get it! It'd look amazing. :D
hell yeah, im curvy and dont give a fuck! its either you or it aint!

Diggin the blonde

fuck it, if you like it then get one who gives a shit if other poeple think it looks good on you or not as long as you like it and feel good about it.

curvy > twigs

"I have more than enough attitude/confidence to pull it off"


for anyone in the future who looks back on this or wonders the same thing, that is all that matters. If it's gonna make you happy, who cares how it looks? You can adjust it to suit you better. no two mohawks are the same! We all look different with them, short tall, thin, curvy, or heavy set.


Ladies, go for it. Always.

i wouldnt call you curvy, you are just a very skinny girl who was blessed with an amazing ass.

no homo... okay, maybe a little homo... or maybe just jealousy....


Uhhh *looks around and awkwardly slinks away*

lol thx ;D
My friend Tricia wants to rock one, and she's been doing imitation hawks with her hair. She looks sexy (this coming from a straight female) and absolutely awesome with just that. I could only imagine a full one. I want one too :D But that's not the point. She is relatively shorter then me and a curvy girl also..So I say, damn straight you would look gorgeous with one!!
fuck yeah i have more curves than a fuckin circle, mind im like size 10uk which is an 8 in the usa, but i am curvy at the same time. i have my hawk and i think it suits.
i ain't no skinny bitch i wish i was but i make do. go for it. =D
best wishes.


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