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Trying to come up with my roller derby name, Scarlett Fever is already taken. Ideas?? :D

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Rock n' Rolla

Meals on Wheels (cause they just got served!)

Betty the Butcher

Helen Killer


Michelle The Bomba (anti obama hype lol)

The Slamber Party

The Cunt Punter

This Machine

(your name)'s 2 valid points (skate out with your fists up)

The Abortionist

Cookie Monster

Improvised Explosive Device

Insane Asylum

Olde English


White Trash Incinerator (directed at the other team of course :P)

Red Ryder

Kitty Claws

The Right to Bare Arms

The War on Terrorism


I hope these help and give you a good laugh.

haha yeah those were good lol thanks
Dixie Rect.



sound it out.

The best way to come up with a name is just to actually get playing the sport and let it come to you. 

Mine is Alexis DisGracey. My last name is Gracey.


If you can use your actual name in or with it, it tends to stick. Or if it is REALLY catchy.

Also, be sure to check the official roster. Names like Helen Wheels are not allowed for originality.

yeah thats the problem lol all my ideas have been taken. And my real name is Rachel, which nothing rhymes with! lol


A good idea is to look at the list for "Rachel" and see what sort of rhymes or has a good feel to it. You'll come up with more than you think.


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