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Today some preppy girl was giving me shit for being poor, and being a punk and having holes in my clothes. has this ever happend to any of you. she put me down she didnt even focus on the believes she just focused on my clothing and class

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hahah some people pay big money for pre-holed or pre torn clothes!! The reality is that people like that haven't got the balls to be different..
xD The "eatten by lawnmower" pants for 50 bucks make me laugh.
I eat my own pants. x)
Yeah i got beat up for being a "poor cunt" once
i didnt get it that bad. she just called me White trash and everything i said before
No, people don't really care as much about how rich you are in the UK as they do in America.
be the duck, dude. just preen all your studded/plad/leapord print/dayglo feathers with that wonderful oily beak of yours and let all the bullshit comments from others just roll off of your back. they aren't your friends, and anything they have to say cannot affect the quality of your life. be a punk, brother
It will, however, buy you copious amounts of weed and valium. ;)
and mushrooms, don't forget those


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