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I think it would be cool if someone with a hawk put the front into a devillock and spiked up the rest.
My boyfriend kinds does that... Kinda.
It hard to explain.
ive seen this done before somewhere, just dont remember exactly who had it
what about with mohawks? what do you do with the rest?
I'm the "boyfriend" mentioned above, if anyone cares, and the style of a mohawk mixed with a devillock is usually refered to as a "Doyle-Lock," named after the Misfit Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankinstein (not his real name) who first wore it. He was Jerry Only's (the founding member of the 'Fits who is the only one still with the band) brother and played guitar for the reincarnation of the Misfits on they're albums "American Psyco" and "Famous Monsters."

Its actually quite simple to do this look, just separate a strand of hair from the front of your head (like its a Liberty-Spike) and gell/glue it straight down. Usually you can stick it to the top of your forehead and pull it off when it dries. Then simply 'Hawk the rest using one of the various ways found on the site. It also looks cool if you put the 'Hawk bending foreward on the front, so it kind of "melts" down into the Lock when you look at it.

Heres a few pics of Doyle:
He's on the right, no shirt
Left, no shirt
Right center, again without a shirt
WARNING: It doesn't look to good with no or close-to-no sides. Sorry tradional mohawkers.
"boyfriend" ^^
Thats what I said! XD
I know. x)
That's why its in quotes.
Then why did you need to say it? :P
Wow, really dude? Would it kill you to actually read what I was talking about before you try to put me down like you know more than me? Guess so....
i used to do it with my hawk


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