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Well, i was thinking, there is a thread for homemade jackets & pants and shit, but there isnt really one for t-shirts that people have made/decorated. So now there is one!
So the idea is post pictures or describe tshirts or shirts that you have done!

P.S: Don't laugh at me, but i havnt posted any pics of the ones i have done because well, i kinda dont really know how to upload them on to here, if you were wondering.

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I recently made a Buckethead shirt with a stencil and a marker. It looks OK; but I don't know how it's gonna hold to the wash....
Or cheap FABRIC paint, which works much better and doesn't crack.
I did a top a few months ago with a marker, and when i put it through the wash a few times, it just faded to a lighter color.
Tanzmetal: i love your tops! i reacon the ones where you put slits/holes/whatever down the back looks pretty sick:)
This is the greatest shirt ever. I'll post more when I'm less lazy.
Havent made any yet, im just gonna make some spray paint ones
so far i know im makin a spiderman one haha and a few others in mind


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