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I am thinking of doing a dread hawk, is there anyway that if I dont like it I can get it out without cutting my hair

and also wher can i buy dread wax?

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Dont got head shops here:|

I live in a hick town
Don't use wax if you want long term i believe.....
..use eBay for dreadwax, but you ll only use it for the first 2 weeks, I had dreads. Wish i gone with a dreadhawk instead of cutting them.
I think that there was a "how to dead" blog on here that was reallly intricate.

I'll look around for it. =]
And I believe that if you want to get them out you use a LOT of conditioner.
Please don't use wax... your hair will never dread with wax in your hair and wax is too hard to wash out, especially with dreads.
You can easily comb them out in the first few days, because they won't be tight yet really. Conditioner helps too, like Alexis said.
just dont wash your hair for like a week or so. then just twist the hell out of your hair. thats how i did mine. turned out pretty good. just have to keep and eye on them for a few days, by twisting them if they get loose. anfter that, they should hold for a long time.


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