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Have you girls/guys ever played this punkrockgame?


meaning is just to kick the faint from the stage as hard as possible. You'll get it when you see it


advice: play it with your friends when you are drunk, it's hilarious!!!

link below

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It's ok.
I'm not really amused.
played it, still don't know wtf a "faint" is
I'm guessing like in fall away/dodge (for the crowd).
yea, that sounds about right
apparently, "the faint" is a band
Just played it and well its an okay game doesn't really  suit my fancy shall i say.
QWOP is a really ridiculous game, amuses my tiny brain.
All I can do is backflips and fall on my face

Me too.

I fucking suck.


At least yall can do that i have yet to be able to make the man  move.
Its very brave to make a game of the special olympics


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