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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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Sounds like the coolest kid ever! How come the kids around here aren't cool like that? They just scream >.>
awwww thats great hahaha...little kid sayin mojo! AHH!! hahahahaha
one time i was walking across a parking lot and some old lady pulled over screaming "how did u do that to ur hair?" and i just kept walking.... the the old lady screamed at me that im "ya fucking prick you can at least answer my question u rude child!" hahahahhaa she was real old too.

i always get asked how long does it take to put it up... and if i use eggs.... people are pretty weird about seeing weird hair... after 10 people scream "i like ur mohawk" or "thats badass" or just the loud howl at me when i walk down the street idk what to say back.... i get sick of just saying "thanks" and "i know its super cool"....

oh oh oh and one day i was sitting at a bus stop and some guy walked up right next to me saying "its nice to see a pretty punk girl in springfield"..... he was pretty gross... it its nice to hear people say nice things....

i get more nice things said to me then mean.... i think i have only gotten 3 or mean comments about my hair....
i get what you mean i get nice things more then mean all the time....and i hate it
i would rather get a insult thrown at me then a least you can think of somthin good to say if its an insult.

this one time this kid and his girlfriend passed me and the kid was staring at me i say "what the fuck you lookin at" he said "you" i said "sooo you wanna suck my dick or somthing i mean id much rather have your girl do it but i guess youll do". he gave me the oddest look ive ever seen someone make it looked like a mix of anger, shock, and just being part is i kept a straight face and looked him dead in the eye....he couldn't tell i was kidding XD
Neither can I. I've been playin REAL guitar like 10-11 years and Im so used to where I put my fingers for all the shit I play I can't hit the buttons right.Most of the songs on guitar hero I know like the back of my hand on the real thing.
i get "is that your real hair?" "how long does that take you in the morning?" "are you in a play?" all kinds of dumb but funny questions. most of them don't really bother me. it just makes me laugh. especially the old people. they're hilarious. this one really old black lady freakin loved my hair. she's the one that asked if i'm in a play. so funny. i guess it just depends on your attitude about it. to me it's a chance to show people i'm just a regular dude that enjoys bein who i am not who everyone else thinks i should be. i've changed a lot of people's minds about people with mohawks. this one dude was like, you're actually alright!
I just have fun. Gotta educate people and bring them out of their ignorance. I know their's time they learned about ours.
are you a lesbian, what do your parents think, do you take drugs, etc the shit ones
1)Is that real?
How could you fake it!?
2)What do you use to dye it? I heard people use Kool-Aid...
Idiots use Kool-Aid.
3) Can I touch your hair?
Fuck no.
4)Can I take a picture with you?
Do I look like a tourist attraction? Sure, pay me $20. No refunds.
5)How do you drive?
VERY carefully.
6)Are you a lesbian?
Why why WHY are lesbians forever associated with mohawks? NO.
7)Are you punk rock?
Are you a yuppie?
8)Is that heavy?
Is your hair heavy?
9)What's you biggest pet peeve?
Besides unwelcome questions? Wind.
10)And the best(although never asked directly): Holy shit! Is that a girl?
How many guys with tits do you know?
awesome answers tank grrl! "how many guys with tits do you know?"... crackin' me up.
I know several.
Haha, that's great.
i actually heard a kid say that yeasterday(# 10). i just got mine yesterday, and it was funny the reactions i got,but that topped the list for the day.


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