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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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Wait grabbed you how?
I second this, we are perverted, feed our perversion.
I third this motion.
Fourth :)
grabbed me like randomly came up and grabbed me in my naughty place in the lunch line ..which im fine with but my gf was standing there was looking kinda pissed
Some kid that sees me everyday on my walk to work asked me the other day (first time having mine down in a while) "Hey where'd the mohawk go?" My response was, its sleeping, we play rock paper scissors to see who gets to sleep in, my mohawk won today!
hahahah that happend to me all the time
"Can i touch it?" i mean, who goes out touching random peoples hair? what the fuck?!
ive had people ask me this all the damn time... hahahaha
"Can i touch it?" i mean, who goes out touching random peoples hair? what the fuck?!
My job bitched about me wearing mine up a few weeks back. I was told I was a girl and was expected to play the part... WTF?! So I haven't been wearing it up (I need my job) and all the people are like "I miss you wearing your Mohawk up... It's hot!" That made me feel good.

The best thing was the other day I had it down but all to one side and walked into a store. A little 8 year old boy looks at me and says "You have a Mohawk too, huh?" (He had like a 4-incher rocking... Cute little bastard.) I smiled and said yeah. He shook his head and said "Don't you hate when people touch it without asking? That totally messes with my mojo."
Lol that is awesome! I want to meet that little dude.


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