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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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I joined pretty much so I could answer this question lmao

I've had my first hawk for about a week or so. Have only put it up three times. Still, the reactions are pretty damn interesting.

["Why?" Yeah. I got this one too...WHY NOT?!]
["How do you get it up?" TLC baby!]
["Thats so creative!" Really? where are you FROM lady?!Turned out she was a performance clown...I swear the weirdest people will talk to you]
["HEY -gives finger from random truck window"]
["Nice fauxhawk"....EPIC OF ALL FAIL. The sides are definitely buzzed. just currently the same colour. Q-tard]
["Did you cut your hair?" No dad. Not at all. lmao. Had it pulled on both sides and in a ponytail the day I got it, it's long enough that you can't really tell. I be lookin for a job XD. Slowly they understood it was a mohawk when I flipped it to one side. Then proceeded to spike the thing]
["HEY! YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ROCK HARD! DO YOU ROCK HARD?" Um...why yes! yes I do sir]

And those are just a few.
-Is it fake
-How do you do that
-what are you gay or something?
-Nice hair

There are more but those are frequent
I get annoyed with the strange old men after a while.

And then I tell them I'll trade, be the bald one, get wigs and do it all over again.
That ends happy vibe if I'm not having the best conversation with them (usually I'm at work)
"What would you think if grandpa got his hair cut like that? Would you like it then?" "Actually I think that would be pretty cool. Dye his hair purple while you're at it."
w0w. where IS your stepmom's brain... your reaction is classic! :)
yea i love ur reaction too...thats great :)
Lets see they have asked me

Why dont you cut your hair?
How Long does it take to do your hair?
Do you use gel?
Am i going to donate it?
Do i get alot of attention?
How long is your hair?
Am i a punk?
oo ya cant believe i forgot,

some people have asked if i spike my hair up woth Cum?
to which you reply, "why? is that what YOU use?" that should do the trick! :)
oo ya cant believe i forgot,

some people have asked if i spike my hair up with Cum?
I got the same thing from my in-laws too coincidentally also on the 4th of july.
disregard that last comment. The onesI get most is people asking if they can touch it, if it is hard, if they can take a picture, and how long does it take to do.


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