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i know all you guys have had this problem.
what are some stupid questions youve been asked,and some stories too if youd like to share

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heh heh I was gonna find a link to that stuff XD
manic panic's electric lizard glows under blacklight...but I found it's actual glowing properties to be pretty sad and minimal.
they have better stuff and if you add ALL to it it glows grate
My blonde glowed in blacklight lol. I have had people ask me if red glows too and im thinking wtf r u on?

I used to have special fx hot pink that glowed in the dark.

Dude I got some glow in the dark dye once... don't be so quick to doubt things!

i stripped the pigment out of mine made it like albino-white, i did my eyebrows too, it looked bad-ass under black light!

no its not haha they have green glow in the dark haor gell that i have used b4 its just expensive haha but thinking bec its green that it glows is stupid haha
I get the wig thing all the time. Usually by really old people, my 80 year old boss was the most recent one to ask me if it was a wig or not, but the best was whenever my 93 year old grandma saw it at her birthday party and asked. I almost lied to her, I really didn't want her to keel over and die right there.
whats the deal with the hair?
are you serious?
why dont you just cut it?
why cant you just be normal?
why wont you fight me?
Why wont you fight me, is probably the best question I read on here so far.
that's ridiculous... "why won't you fight me?"... how 'bout "well, ok, but the last guy died of puncture wounds!" hahahahahaha


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