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ok soo three question.
1.i need any info or tips yall can give me about dying your own hair because im going to start using manic panic and i need to do it myself soo i can do it frequently. Oh and im only doing the tips soo that makes it harder..well not the tips but upper half
2. i dyed my already with permanent red from sally's..and i dont recomend it .I mean it last longer than manic or semi permanent but it kills your hair because it still washes out. So i used it , it looked good it faded i dyed it again now the half i dyed red is breaking and dead ,tips on fixing it or do i just cut and start new with that part. damaging is manic panic because i want to do it as frequently as i can and i dont know if its damaging like permanent hair dye
P.s. im pretty sure that permanent hair dye was an obvious no no to hair and most people already know not to do it but i didnt know and niether did anyone i knew soo i decided to be the guinny pig.just put in a little more effort and dye it with manic panic.

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for the dye:
i have never had any damage from using permanent dye on my hair, that might not have been your problem. what brand did you use? was it premixed or did you have to get the color and the developer seperate? did you bleach it before hand?
i highly recommend not using manic panic, ive had horrible color expierences with it. i do however highly recommend usuing punky colors if you want semi perm die. the colors are brilliant, its long lasting, it smells great, and it always leaves my hair feeling really great and healthy even after bleaching.

for the dying:
what i do to dye the tips (or half) of my hawk is to brush it all to one side. use foil and start from the front, let your tips lay against the foil in one hand and use your other hand to brush the color where you want it (use a dye brush) to make sure you get all your hair covered you might want to brush some dye on the foil before putting your hair on it. once you get your hair coated in dye fold the foil up so the dye doesnt get out and move on the next piece of your hawk. you can either use a ruler and measure how much of your hawk your dye or just eyeball it from piece to piece.

healthy hair tips:
brush your hair everyday, this covers your hair in its natural oils which help coat and protect each strand.
dont wash your hair every day (unless you have extremely oily hair) every other day will be plenty. washing too often will dry your hair out.
when you wash your hair use warm water and then rinse with cold water. the warm water opens your hair folicals so they can get nice and clean while you wash and then rinsing with the cold water will close them so they dont get gunked up.
deep condition or use a hair mask at least once a week. you can either buy deep conditioner or a hair mask or make your own hair mask with things like avacado, mayo, honey, olive oil, etc
use a hot oil treatment about once a month, they are wonderful for helping heal hair
get a trim at least once a month, fried hair and spit ends will slow hair growth. getting rid of the dead and damaged hair will make it easier for new healthy hair to grow in its place.
etc etc
sadlyyyy... it was the kind you had to mix the developer and the cream and then i did bleach my hair prior which did do a toll too ..and thnx for all the tips :]
interesting.. i just did the same dye in a reddish color on my sister and we had no problems. there must have been some factor that just wasnt right when you did it..
also i had to dye it twice for my hair to get the right color cause it didnt want to get red enough it wanted to be orange even though i left it in for more than enough time ...soo i dyed it again and then it was right ..then a week later it all rinsed out a month later my hair is like copper blondish pink lol
I <3 Punky Colour!!
Also, I still advocate Special Effects. Oooh, and Raw.

manic panic never has worked well for my hair, and my hair absorbs just about everything in the world.


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