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Elitist asses on this website are starting to piss me off. No, to answer your first question, I'm not a troll, but when someone has a 4 inch 'hawk and someone calls them a fag because theirs is slightly bigger, it really gets my goat. And I also take note to the fact that most people calling others inadequate or gay on this site are the ones wit the worst grammar of them all. I just had to point that out. And I can almost guarantee it that one person is going to come out and say "ahah ur a fag cuz u dont now how to do shyt wen it cumz to mohhax".

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duely noted, and appriciated
If an elitist agrees, I'm gonna be pissed.
Just like in real life, you have to take shit with a grain of salt.
This is the fucking INTERNET! <3
In real life, people don't take it with a grain of salt, though.

With more and more companies like Google, Facebook, etc. pulling together everything people post, it'll get easier to track down anything you've said in the past online.

With increasing use of mobile devices to access the net, everything will be stored and tracked down to your world geo-location coordinates and if the phone/laptop is registered with a person they'll be able to determine who likely posts from where. Already Google offers this as part of the web browser Chrome to websites and via a plug-in with Firefox (though you have to agree to allow the website to use the info, doesn't mean Google doesn't store it behind the scenes though...).

Add in your email or IP address which nearly every site requires and stores before posting comments...and you see where things are going.

You might make some comments when you're online, thinking it doesn't matter now, "'cause it's the internet", but then a few years later you apply for a job, credit card, loan, car license, etc. and your innocence in thinking things typed online can't affect you and are forgotten, return in a simple search behind the scenes.

I know of two online services that currenly offer (for a fee, though they had it free for a while) that you could type in anyones' email address and within an hour they would pull together a profile of that person's online accounts, with all the popular social networking site account names and email services along with an online rating of their reliability in dealings.

One even encouraged you to describe how you thought of the person too, so that others could read these personal reviews of folk when deciding whether to deal with them or not.
The moral of the story is be self-employed!
its getting pretty annoying. i do agree.
I didn't bother to read this whole thing. But there are MANY ways to be stupid (ahem!)... elitist. Or any thing 'ist'.
*sportsman like ass-pat* excellent!
its bc youre 12 and live in beverly hills
I'm hoping that was a joke. If it wasn't you are right, it's only 4 inches.


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