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Elitist asses on this website are starting to piss me off. No, to answer your first question, I'm not a troll, but when someone has a 4 inch 'hawk and someone calls them a fag because theirs is slightly bigger, it really gets my goat. And I also take note to the fact that most people calling others inadequate or gay on this site are the ones wit the worst grammar of them all. I just had to point that out. And I can almost guarantee it that one person is going to come out and say "ahah ur a fag cuz u dont now how to do shyt wen it cumz to mohhax".

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Elitist isn't just bashing another persons hair, but often stating that theirs is better. I also notice that the people doing this use incorrect spelling and grammar. Some people need to brag and be the best to have a sense of security. A lot of losers out there I guess.
mmhmm. that's what i was thinking.
i think you're jus being a whiny bitch.
Bragging doesn't necessarily give a person sense of security. Or make them feel better.
Maybe they're proud of the work they did! You probably would be too if your hair came out exactly how you wanted it to. And not have it fall down or split, or whatever.

Grammar nazis are everywhere love. Not just here. Knowing how to spell and taking pride in shit you do, does not make you a loser.

Ya dig?
Not a damn thing wrong about being honest.

Especially when you get the threads that pop up "what do you guys think?" or "could I pull this look off?"
Well that isn't bad, it's when somebody posts a picture and some asshole goes "haah nice shity mohak whu cut dat 4 u a dick tipp!?!?!?!? XD Take sum advyce frum mee".
I've seen it happen.


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